Hello existence!

Welcome to foofeys.wordpress.com.

The purpose of this site is to find stories where people who believe in extraterrestrial visitation to Earth tell their stories to the world and we laugh about them and their tall, or misinformed, tales.

Simply put if you believe that intelligent entities from beyond, or beneath, the planet Earth are currently visiting this planet for any reason whatsoever, as at minimum probable or at maximum a certainty, then you may be offended by the content here. Do yourself a favour and navigate away from this site.

foofey foofie foofah
It was nice

If you are ardently against the notion that Earth is being visited or has been visited then hopefully you’ll find this site enjoyable.

If the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation exists to a tiny degree in your mind then please feel welcome to read on. Scepticism is a fine thing to have and is promoted here – if only to show ridicule to how far we can stretch the possibilities of how far we can work our imagination to fit the mindset of ‘belief’.

Serious research into this field of phenomena is abound all over the web, don’t expect any here. This is a site which takes publicly available knowledge and turns it into an entertaining critique of said content beyond the margin calls of moderation found elsewhere. Citations will be provided and articles truncated when quotations are used. I’m sure there will be babies crying all about this but it is just and sound under laws of all developed nations and will meet with counter claims which will be taken to the maximum degree of the law if tested.


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